Sunday, 27 August 2017

அட ! இப்படி கூட நடக்குமா ?! | A Temple For An Ant ?!

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An inconspicuous platform sits by the road near Thottada in Kannur. The structure may not, architecturally, resemble a temple. Even the circular sanctum sanctorum is different from those in temples constructed in the recent past. Though there is no idol, believers feel the invisible presence of the presiding deity, Urumbachan or Father Ant, who helps fight an army that invades all homes, ants.For local residents, the temple of ants is Urumbachan Gurusthanam. The faithful offer coconuts to Urumbachan, to free their residences of ants without using any insecticide. The belief dates back to several centuries, though there is no historical evidence.

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