Monday, 4 September 2017

210 சித்தர்கள் வாழும் பிரம்மரிஷி மலை ! | The Hidden Secrets Of Brammari...

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God created everything, thus his presence can be felt in ubiquity. Siddhas showed us the path to realize God. As such, it is interesting to know where they lived and how they live. Bogar Maharishi is one of the oldest Siddhas whose Jeeva Samadhi (a state of existence in which they have no physical form) is in Palani Malai in South India. Siddha Konganavar’s  jeeva Samadhi is in Thirupathi, in Andra Pradesh in India. The jeeva Samadhi of Idaikattu Siddha is in Thiruvannamalai, South India. The oldest of the Siddhas, Kagapujandar, who witnessed 75000 apocalypses attained his Jeeva Samadhi in Brammarishi Hills.

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